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Surgical Family Medicine OB CME


The Labor2011 Surgical Family Medicine Obstetrics Conference was the most ambitious of the Medicos teaching projects, and it happened at a time when administrative support was thin. I am exhausted, but thankful for the prayers and guidance. Next Year I think we should make this happen two weeks after the UT US course.
Medicos successfully built an ultrasound experience separate from, but synergistic with, the UT STF presentation. This was designed in 1992 as a discipleship course. It was a good feeling to see our former students, faculty, and fellows leading the St F faculty development ultrasound course 20 years later. 2012 August 23-25.
2011 allowed the Camellia foundation and Medicos to go a step further, and continue His work. Among ten model patients Labor2011 had 3 abdominal exercises, three gyn cases, 3 OB cases, and the twin gyn case simulator with knobology on an unknown machine. The Esaote Bio-sound advanced knobology by Carl Barton was real step forward.
Three August 2011 Medicos fellows have received 36 hours of structured ultrasound experience, and performed at least 50 ultrasound examinations in their first 6 weeks. In addition Labor2011 provided an ultrasound textbook, and references.
There were several tests with feedback given ([Thanks Ike). Medicos-mundial is preparing to certify, as ultrasound assistants, the residency prep group. This process helped validate several of our testing instruments. Thank you.
Labor2011 was a prototype, and next year we must build in more admin support.
Should we consider submitting a manuscript describing this as an educational innovation for presentation at STFM and AAFP 2012? It will have possibilities as we suggest curriculum for projects in Ecuador, Venezuela, Guatemala, and Nigeria.
I especially want to thank Coleman Arnold, Manoj Mazumder, and Ravi Singh for their previous and continuing contributions to this project. Dr. Arnold flew in from Chattanooga.
Suggestions for next year are appreciated. Thus far we have---pre-ship the articles and assigned readings. Build in time for a longitudinal curriculum using the Wednesday conferences. Reviewed the EM ultrasound disc. Faculty 2012--Ike, Singh, Arnold, JRMR, Manoj, Gonzalez, Jairo ?
With best wishes for your professional success

Wm. MacMillan Rodney MD
Private Practice, Clinical Professor and Chair
Medicos para la Familia
Memphis, Nashville, and International

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